Lucy’s Fantasy Toy Shop MasterList

I have tested and enjoy the work of the following fantasy sex toy shops as of 4/1/23


Strangebedfellas (US)

KuduVoodoo (US)

Wandering Bard Toys (US)

Factory D (US)

TheCraftyHedonist (US)

Concocktions (US)

LovesmithsToys (France)

NawtyToyBox (US)

Ivy Toys (Germany)

AKrowsNest (US)

Dread the Empire (US)

Erasexa (Russia)

Pleasure Forge (US)

Twin Tail Creations (US)

Neotori (Germany)

Joystick Adult Toys (US)

GelatinousCreations (US)

MNSTRToybox (UK)

SilcArts (US)

FriskyLabz (US)

PlayingwithPleasure (US or Canada?)

LovecraftersToys (Canada)

Moonset Creations (US)

Smutzilla (Czech Republic)

Cultured Fiction Labs (US)

MadetoWere (US)

Uberrime (US)

Top Notch Dongs (Czech Republic)

Tentickle Toys (UK)

Velvet Alley Designs (?)

XenoCat Artifacts (US)

Something Squishy Toys (US)

DarkerHorseToys (US)

The Wicked Hunt (US)

BatBitesArt (US)

BaphometsWorkshop (Canada)

CreatureFeatureToys (US)

PhoenixFlameCreations (?)

HyperRealisticDildos (UK)

NamelessAngelWorks (UK)

JackOToy (France)

FantasyGrove (US)

HappyHoleToys (US)

NewFolkloreSilicone (US)

DesignsByOdditoys (US)

LoveSmithsToys (France)

Twilight Meadow Creations (Sweden)

FauxPhallus (Australia) 

AfternoonDelightsNY (US)

FromTheEdge (US)

MandMArtsLLC (US)

DarquePath (Australia)

HowlingHorrors (US)

ArkhamHarbor (US)

WidgetsWondersToys (US)

NaughtyFoxDE (Germany)

Lust Arts (US)

FreakyFantasies (US)

StiffLove (US)

ThePrincesCourt (US)

FlirtyDawg (US)

UncoverCreations (UK)

PhreakClub (UK)

Love Muscle Toys (US)

OwOToyz (US)

Hole Punch Toys (US)

Weredog (UK)


Hedonic Glass (Canada)

Simply Elegant Glass (US)

I have my eye on several dozen more shops- I will test their products as I am able & report back! Check out my porn pages to watch!! 🦕💕18+

Lucy LaRue