Q: Are you disabled?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you offer customs?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you single?

A: I make porn.


A: Click HERE to read

Q: Are you more of a dom or a sub?

A: I am a switch! It depends on the moment.

Q: Are you accepting submissives?

A: Only those showing long-term devotion. I do not offer one-off domination sessions at this time.

Q: Are you straight?

A: No!

Q: Do you mail off your worn delicates?

A: Yes- I have a massive collection of lingerie, hosiery, underwear, socks, and various personal doodads you can send for!

Q: Do you do in-person meets?

A: You sound like a cop.

Q: Can I be in your porn?

A: You can send me your portfolio, a valid ID, and links to your prior work, including references to check out.

Q: Can I use a std test from my doctor?

A: No. I only accept adult industry-standard talent testing (Click HERE to learn about the PASS system)

Q: How do I get started in porn?

A: Post your body.

Q: Why are you always saying “Put your age in your bio?”

A: On the most basic, simple level, requiring those who follow me on non-18+ social media platforms to put a reference to their age in their bio before following me is a useful vetting tool to ward off and remove minors and those who are unwilling or unable to respect a simple boundary in order to gain access to me sexually. If someone is not capable of putting their age in their bio to interact with me, they are not capable of consuming with critical thinking and consenting to the nuanced, kinky media I create so for my safety and theirs I remove every follower who does not state their age, including other industry performers.

Performers: Putting your age in your bio is a great way to stick it to all the pornmen who insist that women “hit the wall” at 23 to pressure them into extreme work before they are ready. It also offers an alternative example to young women entering the industry- showing them they can exist, work, live valuably with age.

Yes, putting your age in your bio and keeping it there as you age will cause your “barely-legal” searchterm fans to wander off and that is okay!! Just because they are loud does not mean their viewpoint is right or even common. Keep your age in your bio and watch your fanbase continue to grow on merit. I dare you.

Frequently-Asked Questions

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Lucy LaRue

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